Recipe to try: Another Panquemao

This comes from thefreshloaf


Bread flour : 500 gr bread flour
Eggs: 2 large
Water/Milk: 130 ml
Olive oil : 100 ml
Sugar: 100 gr
Honey :  20 gr
Salt :  7 gr
Lemon or orange zest
Orange flower water (some drops)
Yeast:  5 gr


One beaten egg and more sugar for garnishing.


Make a solid preferment some hours before with some of the flour, some of the water or milk and a pinch of yeast (we call this sponge). For example, 100 gr of flour, 65 ml of milk and a pinch of yeast.

Mix and knead the rest of the ingredients, shape a ball and let it rest at room temperature until triplicates its size.

Divide in small pieces and shape round balls.

Ferment at room temp for 1 hour

Ferment in the fridge overnight

Warm up 1 hour before baking

Paint with beaten egg and dust sugar.

Bake it at 350F, until it gets good color.