Weekend update - IlluxCon 2012

K and I flew up to Altoona, Pa this past weekend to attend IlluxCon 2012.  Well, we flew to Pittsburgh and then drove the rest of the way to Altoona.  IlluxCon is an amazing convention for fantasy art and artists and is a feast for the eyes.  My main goal for the weekend was to press the flesh and try to not spend any more money on art for the year.

We got up at 5 a.m. Friday morning, left the house around 5:40 and made it to our gate in plenty of time for our 7:25 departure.  Off to Baltimore, change planes, and then to Pittsburgh.  Landing around 2:30.  Grabbed a rental car and drove the 2+ hours to Altoona.  We made it to Altoona around 5:50 or so, too late to check in to the convention, so we headed straight to the hotel.

As were were walking into the hotel, we ran into Jannie, Andrea , and the Zipsers who were heading out to dinner.  We told them we would join them at the restaurant after we checked in.  We did that, eating at Aldo's on Chestnut.  Good Italian food.

Back at the hotel, the evening's Showcase was in full swing, so I started talking up next year's WorldCon.  I handed out some business cards and *may* have attracted some folks to the con.

Saturday morning the con did not start until noon, so K and I went wandering about the countryside south of Altoona, after grabbing breakfast at the hotel.  I think we got lost once or twice, but we got to see some nice countryside.  Nice farms and a fair number of dairy cows.

We made it back to the convention and wandered around the main gallery.  I talked to a number of artists and handed out a few cards, but lost my mojo after talking to someone who made me think it was a futile effort.

K and I then sat through a critique panel and kept track of the A&M Alabama game on my phone.

Dinner Saturday was at Friendly's across from the hotel.  The waitress was bringing out my chicken/sauerkraut/bacon sandwich and lost control of it just before she was going to hand it to me.  So, I had to wait another twenty minutes or so to get my meal (which they nicely comped).

Back to the hotel for the Illies and the Artist Jams.  I did not manage to stay awake for them, unfortunately.

Up at a reasonable hour and off to Tom and Joe's diner downtown.  Great food, great prices.

Back to the con to wander around and, *sigh*, buy art.  I bought four small pieces: two by Todd Lockwood and two by Omar Rayyan.  My checkbook wants these to be the last pieces until next year's WorldCon.

Out of Altoona and on our way back to Pittsburgh.  Caught a flight to Chicago where we ran into some weather delays.  Then back home, with the pilot making up the lost time.