At the movies: Skyfall

Skyfall: 2

I was really hoping my wife was wrong (she'd already seen it) and that it wasn't just an homage to the past 50 years of Bond movies.  But, she was right.  I was disappointed.

Several things threw me out of the movie: the Komodo dragons, the fight at the top of the skyscraper, and the subway train.  I think the main thing was that MI6 was on the receiving end of things, they were not proactive and doing things unto others.  They were having things done unto them.

The change of personnel was not unexpected.  I just wish it had happened in a better movie.  I n my opinion this is, by far, the worst of the Craig movies.  I'd have to do some research to determine how far it falls in the rest of the Bond franchise.

There was the good Adele theme song.