Weekend update: WorldCon edition (8/28-9/4/2012)


Left H-Town bright and early with a 8 a.m. flight into Chicago. Landed and caught the Orange Line to State and Lake and walked to the Hyatt from there. Left K to work Logistics while I went and worked Art Show build

Dinner at Giordano's - good pizza


Breakfast on my own at the hotel restaurant - expensive buffet!

In to the art show for more work

Dinner at Giordano's again


Breakfast with K. at the Corner Bakery cafe. We were trying to eat at Heaven on Seven, but they don't open for breakfast until 9 a.m.

Back into our respective worlds.

Dinner at Sweetwater Tavern and Grille, just a block or two from the hotel


Breakfast at Houlihan's $10 buffet.

More con work. Actually got to a reading by Kristine Smith and got an autograph from Geoff Ryman.

Dinner at Houlihan's


Breakfast at Houlihan's $10 buffet.

More con work. Got to a reading by Juanita Coulson and grabbed an autograph from Ben Bova

Dinner at the Elephant and Castle


Breakfast at the Toni Patisserie and Cafe (Houlihan's was closed)

More con work. End of art show silent bidding, art show live auction, lots of folks settling their tabs from the art show.

Dinner at a restaurant that I did not use my credit card, so I can't remember what it was. Ah, it was Billy Goat Tavern the place immortalized by John Belushi on SNL in the Cheezborger skit.


Breakfast at Houlihan's $10 buffet.

Folks settling their tabs at the art show, artists checking out and the disassembling of the Art Show.

Dinner at P. J. Clarke's


Breakfast at Houlihan's $10 buffet.

More disassembling of the Art Show.

Caught the Orange Line to Midway and chilled for several hours before our flight. Attempted to catch an earlier flight, but would have flown standby the entire way and it would have gotten us into town just 30 minutes before our planned flight.

I had a good time at the con, did not get to many panels, but did not expect to. I was glad to have my wife along, it made for a much more enjoyable adventure.