Aikido Friday Night - 9/14/12

Aikido players: Tim, Trey, Troy, Sal, and Marvin


I actuall took a couple of warm-up falls, but then spent a lot of time with Troy working with Sal on correcting and issue with his falls.

The Walk:

Twice, as usual, with Sal and Marvin.


I worked with Sal and Marvin on their set.


Tim worked with Sal and Marvin on 1-4.

I worked with them and with Troy and Trey as explored Kata Otoshi for most of the two hours. It was frustrating, but we did have some success. As Trey was saying, we get to work on it about once every three months and each time, it takes us most of an evening to re-acquaint ourselves with it. It really is a cornerstone technique in the Big Ten. If you can nail Kata Otoshi, the Gurumas should be a piece of cake.


None of note.