Lunching out: Taqueria El Nopalito

Friday lunch, was just a short jaunt up the feeder to Taqueria El Nopalito. They've taken over an old diner, similar to Denny's, and repurposed it for Mexican food.

The chips were thick and hefty. I don't usually like them that way, I'm more of a thin and light person, but these were pretty good. They brought out red and green salsa, both of which were tasty, with the green beeing the spicier of the two.

I ordered the special of the day: parillada (mixed chicken and beef). The meat had a decent flavor, but it had been grilled over a flattop instead of a flame, so substantial points off for that. The tortillas were good, as the guacamole, tortillas and other fixings.

Overall a decent experience and probably the best and closest Mexican restaurant to work.

The trip back to work was rough, as the Dixie Farm Road was not available for me to cross the freeway. I had to take a longer route back to the office.