Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 3/17/2012

Aikido players: Tim, Tom (a visitor), Brad, Marvin, Gale, Liz and Charles


Tried a couple more left-sided ones today. Also worked with Charles and Liz

The Walk:

Twice, as usual. I also ran through it one more time with Liz and Charles before they left the mat.


Gale and Marvin worked with Liz and Charles, teaching them the releases. I jumped in from time-to-time with explanations and clarifications.


I jumped in at random times with Brad and Tom as they explored some of Ju Nana Hon Kata. I also worked with Gale and Marvin on some of the first five. I then worked with Marvin on his first technique for his next belt: Oshi taoshi.


Foot's getting better. I hope to be able to go non-stop with it in two weeks.