Aikido Thursday Afternoon - Oklahoma City - 6/2/11

I flew up to Oklahoma over the weekend for a science fiction convention (SoonerCon) and planned it so that I could take in an aikido class at the Windsong Dojo run by Nick Lowry.

Aikido players: Jim, Scott, Roger, and a bunch of other folks whose names I've forgotten after a convention weekend. I knew I should have attempted this write-up on Thursday.

Ukemi: Full 12 fall warm-up

The Walk: Twice, as usual. It was interesting seeing the differences between our interpretation and theirs


We played with taking uke off-balance with just two fingers to reduce the amount of feedback that we gave uke. We then did the same sort of thing with a wide variety of ukes.


Nick took me back to the hotel, first stopping by a nice tea place where I tried an iced vanilla black tea. It was pretty good