Aikido Thursday Night - 1/20/11

Aikido players:  Tim and Troy.


Troy worked with me on the 14 variations of the releases found in Koryu Dai Yon No Kata.  We played with what it took to get uke to take a half step recovery in order for the next step to be the proper one for the throw.  It appears the tori really needs to come up and in in order for uke to step with the desired foot in order to get the throw off of his fourth toe.

That changed for the 7th technique of the kata.  For that one tori needs to off-balance uke forward on the first and second off-balances in order to get around uke's arm for the throw.

We then did some work with Troy on Tenkai Kote-Hineri.  He'd not done much work on it so far.  He picked it up pretty well.

Aftermath: None of note.