Aikido Friday Night - 1/14/11

Aikido players:  Tim, Trey, Troy, Sal, and Dan.  The potential new couple of students did not show up.

Ukemi:  Full ukemi, no big falls.  Watched over Dan.  He's keeping up the progress he made last week.

The Walk: Twice, as usual. 

Releases: Worked with Dan and Sal


I spent the evening working with Sal and Dan on Shomen-ate.  We spent a lot of time on the right side but finally met my designated goal and got some left side work done, too.  They managed to meet my goal for the left side with just a minute or so left in our time.  Cool.

Also took a Kotegaeshi fall or two from Trey when he was showing stuff on the technique to Troy.

Aftermath: 30 minutes+ of me taking shomen-ate falls.