In the shop

Trying to turn some more bottle stoppers and use up all of the hardware I have for them.

So, I attempted two more English Walnut and one Sycamore. The Sycamore is the only one that made it off the lathe and onto the hardware.

The first EW I completed, polished and was ready to put on the hardware when I spotted something I didn't like. Back on to the lathe it went. Big mistake. What was a simple change expanded due to carelessness and a nice stopper got destroyed.

The second EW was 80% turned, but I thinned it down before completing the stressful turning. When I started the stressful turning, the thinned down section gave way and it blew out.

The Sycamore turned fairly well.

I also used a jig I purchased on Saturday to get a nice edge on my turning tools, I think it helped.