At the movies: The Fall

The Fall: 4

This one is a borderline 4. I'd really have to watch it again to know whether I'd watch it again.

I missed this when it came to theatres, but I'd hoped to see it so much I went out and bought it with a Best Buy gift card.

From imdb.com

In a hospital on the outskirts of 1920s Los Angeles, an injured stuntman begins to tell a fellow patient, a little girl with a broken arm, a fantastical story about 5 mythical heroes. Thanks to his fractured state of mind and her vivid imagination, the line between fiction and reality starts to blur as the tale advances.

Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies)
Catinca Untaru

Catinca did a fabulous job. I think she was absolutely stunning in her role as the little girl.

I was able to follow the story that was told fairly well, but I think I got a little lost toward the end when they flashed back to the cause of Roy Walker's (Lee Pace) injury. I think seeing it again will clear things up quite a bit, so I'll probably watch again soon.

But, that probably deems it a failure as a movie: it doesn't tell the story clearly enough. Now is that failure caused by the distractions of watching at home as opposed to the theatre? I think a re-watching might answer the question.

I loved the sets, costumes and colors of the movie. Very reminiscent of "Pushing Daisies".