Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 11/15/08

Aikidokas: Tim, Richard, Kim, and Trey.

Ukemi: The usual set

The Walk: not today

Releases: not today


Richard worked with me on starting the Koryu Dai San No Kata. I need to know the first 16 of the following.

Suwari-waza (Kneeling Techniques)

Uke Kneeling
Tori Kneeling

1. Oshi-Taoshi
2. Gyaku-game-ate
3. Kote-Gaeshi
4. Ryote-mochi-sukui-nage

Uke Standing
Tori Kneeling

5. Tenkai-kote-heneri
6. Shiho-nage
7. Gedan-Ate
8. Hiji-Kime

Tachi-waza (Standing)

9. Kote-mawashi
10. Uchi-tenkai-nage
11. Gyaku-gamae-ate
12. Hiji-Kime
13. Mae-otoshi
14. Ushiro-waza-mae-otoshi
15. Ushiro-waza-tenkai-kote-heneri
16. Mune-tori-kata-gatame

I'm not certain if the above are as I'll be learning them. The second one does not appear to correspond to what I learned on Saturday, so I need to get some official information. #1 and #3 are correct, though, as is #9.

It was very interesting work.

Aftermath: Sore, sore, sore, sore, sore. My ankles, toes and knees weren't sore. My upper body was. I think it was because of different muscle groups being used for working in a kneeling posture.

I certainly hope my muscles get used to this work.