Aikido Friday Night - 11/21/08

Aikidokas: Kim, Trey and Tom.

Sensei Tim had a cold, so I got the opportunity to run my first class as a Black Belt. I knew it was coming, but I did not expect it so soon.

Ukemi: I worked with Tom on his ukemi and took a brief set of falls to warm up

The Walk: Twice, as is the usual custom

Releases: worked with Tom on 1-4. He started to grok the stuff

I worked with Tom on the Walk and releases on a one-to-one basis. We also covered moving from your center, and falling instead of stepping.


I worked, very briefly with Trey on Kote-gaeshi at the end of the session. I took one right-sided fall and dang if my left calf didn't act up again.

Aftermath: Left calf was offended at my kote-gaeshi fall.