Texas Renaissance Festival

K. and I went to the Ren Fair as part of our anniversary celebration. We'd signed up and paid our money for the King's Feast, the nice meal with entertainment that they've had for about 10 years now.

We left around 8:30 and got up there around 10, leaving us an hour to wander around before we were to be seated.

The meal was a 6 course meal and it was pretty good.

Fruit and cheese plate
Vegetables and Chicken
Prime Rib, Pork and Sausage

In the past (we've gone to a couple of these), there would be some entertainment during the meal, usually from the various acts that perform on the stages around the grounds. This year it was just the belly dancers from one of the stages plus a group of four folks that were in-house entertainment.

I was drastically underwhelmed. I hope they improve over the coming weekends (this was the first weekend of the festival), because it was pretty bad.

We wandered around the fair a bit, after the feast, but our timing was a bit off everywhere and we did not stumble on to any of the shows just as they were starting.

We had an easy trip home. I'm not sure I'm glad we went. It was ok, but not worth the expense of the Feast.