Weekend update - Killeen Seminar


Head West right out from work
Miss the turn off for 36 in Sealy, continue on to LaGrange
Arrive in Killeen, hotel does not have my reservation.  They do have a reservation for me in March!
Get a room, grab a nap.
Dinner at a Mexican joint nearby
Seminar starts up
Groundwork with an instructor who used to work for Blackwater
Get thrown off the mat onto tile, get injured.


Breakfast at the Waffle Den
Off to the seminar to watch
Lunch at Galaxy Burger with Frankie and Tonya
Back to seminar
Dinner with the seminar crowd at a Mexican joint


Wake up at 2:30 a.m., hurting.  Debate leaving for home.  Fall asleep.
Ignore alarm at 5:15
Wake at 6
Leave by 6:30
Uneventful drive home
Bake banana bread
Discover the my latest OS upgrade has disabled my video processing software