Weekend update - IlluxCon Trip Report


Up at 3 a.m.
Flight at 5 a.m.
In Philadelphia around Noon
Pick up a rental at Thrifty.  Not impressed, hope to not rent from them again.
In Reading, Pa around 2.
At IlluxCon shortly thereafter
Chat with some other conrunners for a while, discover that one of the flyers I had was wrong and not suitable for distribution
Wander around, ogle the art.
Dinner with aforementioned conrunners at "The Speckled Hen"
A brief tour of the evening Showcase


Breakfast at West Reading Diner
Resolve not to buy any art
Back to IlluxCon
Hand out the other correct flyer
Buy art
Hand over art to shipping agent
Get boarding pass for my flight home
Dinner with conrunners at Doubletree hotel restaurant
3 hours later, get out of dinner
A brief tour of the evening Showcase


Breakfast at West Reading Diner
Back to IlluxCon
Grab some folks for my Art Show Jury for WFC 2017
Drive back to Philly
Borad plane
Change planes in Nashville
Connecting flight delayed by about two hours
Arrive at Hobby at 12:45 a.m. instead of 11:15 p.m.