Snake bite

It appears I was bitten by a snake on Saturday while mowing the lawn.

I was mowing some patches that K. had left for me to do.  One of them was on a small rise where there is a hole that we have not yet filled in.  I mowed the one stretch that I knew was safe and then got off the mower to assess where I could make my next path.  As I was looking about, I felt a sting on my ankle.  I backed away and saw at least one site of a possible incursion by an insect or something.

I heard nothing and I saw nothing, so I have no idea what actually bit me.

I kept on with the mowing and then did some work on digging out a couple of trees.

After a shower, I thought I saw two pinpricks on my ankle about 1/4" apart.  Just in case, I drove over to the library so that if something happened, K. would be nearby.  After about an hour, I was still feeling no effects so I went back home.

Over the next couple of days, the site did some swelling and discoloring, but I never felt nauseated or any dizziness.  At about 96 hours post-incident, it's still a little swollen but looking better.

I don't think there's any way to tell if I was bitten by a venomous snake that did not inject any venom or by a non-venomous snake.  If it was venomous, it was likely either a Copperhead or a Water Moccasin.  I would place odds on a Moccasin.