Books read - 1/1/2016 - 6/30/2016

38 books over the past 6 months.  I don't know if the next 6 months will be as fruitful since I drive all of 20 minutes to work now instead of commuting by bus for 30 minutes.

The only books from this group that I did not like were the Ed Greenwood works.  I won't be seeking out any more in that world.  I think it has to do with the main character getting carried along on the ride as opposed to actively working.

Asprin, Robert - A Phule and His Money
Asprin, Robert - Phule Me Twice

Buckell, Tobias - Crystal Rain

Butcher, Jim - Storm Front
Butcher, Jim - Summer Knight
Butcher, Jim - Grave Peril
Butcher, Jim - Full Moon

Caine, Rachel - Windfall
Caine, Rachel - Firestorm
Caine, Rachel - Chill Factor
Caine, Rachel - Heat Stroke

Claremont, Chris - First Flight

Czerneda, Julie - Play of Shadows

de Lint, Charles - The Painted Boy

Drake, David - Paying the Piper
Drake, David - With the Lightnings
Drake, David - Lt. Leary Commanding

Gilman, Laura Anne - Hard Magic

Greenwood, Ed - Falconfar
Greenwood, Ed - Arch Wizard

Hobb, Robin - Mad Ship
Hobb, Robin - Ship of Magic
Hobb, Robin - Dragon Haven
Hobb, Robin - Ship of Destiny
Hobb, Robin - City of Dragons
Hobb, Robin - Blood of Dragons

Huff, Tanya - Blood Price
Huff, Tanya - Child of the Grove

Klasky, Mindy - The Glasswrights' Apprentice

Lansdale, Joe - Captains Outrageous

Lindskold, Jane - Artemis Awakening

McCarthy, T. C. - Exogene

McDevitt, Jack - The Engines of God

Thurman, Rob - Trick of the Light
Thurman, Rob - Madhouse
Thurman, Rob - Deathwish
Thurman, Rob - Moonshine

Williams, Walter Jon - The Fourth Wall