Dining out - Rudy & Paco's

Last week was Restaurant Week in Galveston and since Kim and I were off for MLK, we, and the in-laws, went to Galveston for lunch.  There were 3 restaurants in contention as a destination, I made the choice of Rudy & Paco's.

They opened at 11 a.m., we were there about 11:10 a.m.  We were seated quickly and had a chance to peruse the menu.  I asked for the Restaurant Week menu and they brought out the only copy they had at the moment.

The restaurant week menu had 2 soup/salad course choices: poblano soup or a house salad.  The entree had three choices: salmon, red snapper and a chicken dish, iirc.  Three of us chose the Snapper and Kim chose the Salmon.  Two options for dessert: Tres Leches cheesecake or banana pudding.  I chose the pudding, everyone else chose the cheesecake.

Service through the meal was impeccable.  All courses were served simultaneously to all diners.  With four people at our table, they had four waiters bring out the course so they would be placed in front of all diners at the same time.

The food was fabulous.  My snapper was well-cooked and flavorful with a nice sauce.  The salmon, with a mango habanero sauce was great.  The habanero lent just a smidgen of heat to the experience.

The cheesecake was well-received.  The banana pudding could have stood a couple more slices of banana, but was good nontheless.

The total bill came to $115 with tip (4 meals @ $20 plus drinks).

We've discovered a new favorite restaurant.  We will be back.

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