Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 1/30/16 - East Houston Aikido Club

Aikido players:

Phillip and Marvin


Got in a full set

The Walk:



Worked with Marvin and Phillip.

I was watching them work on the first few releases and was making comments and corrections about the 2nd and 4th releases.  Phillip and I got into discussing what you can transition into if someone stops you from doing the 4th release.  He tends to want to go into the 8th release, I tend to think the 7th will show up as well.

We eventually made it into the 6th release.  He was using Marvin as uke and extended Marvin's arm so far laterally that he put strain on the shoulder joint causing Marvin to wince.  I made a comment about that and we segued into discussing that release.

Phillip then said he wanted to feel how my 6th release feels. I then attempted to do the 6th release, which he stopped me from doing.  I attempted a recovery from that and he stopped me on that as well.  At that point I knew he was being dishonest in what he wanted to accomplish with me, so I bowed out, left the mat and went home.


Not today.


I've determined that if someone I'm working with no longer has my trust, if I no longer feel they're going to keep my safety in mind as I help them explore aikido, I'm no longer going to work with them.

More succinctly, if I would not trust them to have my wife's safety in mind when she's on the mat and working with the, I will no longer work with them.

Phillip had slightly injured me, come close to injuring Trey, and come close to injuring Marvin.  All within the 10 sessions or less I'd worked with him out in Baytown.

It is not worth my time, money, physical, or mental well-being to feed an energy monster.  I'm going to put the effort into working with Trey and Tim at my place until I manage to get a new location going.


Poxbox said...

That stinks. I ran across one person I don't like to work with. Some days I utterly refused. I wasn't the only one either. In this case it was a matter of him trashing his ukes and if you reciprocated and went rough, he would complain. Avoiding people like that is best.