Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 11/1/14

Aikido players:

Tim, Trey, Dan, Mario, Marvin, and Gail


Got a double set in tonight

The Walk:



Worked with Marvin on his.  Did a set myself and was not impressed.


Worked with Marvin on Shomen-ate

After kyu grade session was done, Trey and I worked on the knife stuff from Koryu Dai San.  Spent about an hour and 15 minutes on the first 6 techniques.  Made some progress, found the off-balances.

The kote gaeshi from that section is really fun.  Uke's reaction to the main off-balance and the recovery therefrom turns into the air fall very, very quickly.  As uke starts rotating his center to catch up to his hand, he has to make the decision to take the fall at that instant.  Trey and I each took that fall once.  Too fast to do it many more times at the  point in a session.


None of note.