Aikido Friday Night - 11/21/14

Aikido players:

Tim, Trey, Mario, Marvin, Gail, Dan, John, and Kim


Got to the mat early tonight.  Had a nice stretch and got in a double set of ukemi.  Watched over Gail.

The Walk:



John and Gail, Mario and Kim, Dan and Marvin worked together.


We kept the same pairings for techniques.  Each pairing had at least one person getting ready for a demo.

We had a 10 minute breather of class and Trey talked about everyone not just going through the steps of a technique, but trying to figure out whether they "had" the technique.  Talked about the roles of uke and tori.

Trey and I then did a little live action embodiment of that desired goal.  I'd spotted a video from Nick that showed Sumi Otoshi and wanted to work with it.  My first off-balance was not right, and Trey corrected it.  We then, slowly, made our way through the technique, correcting as we went.  The process ended with a gorgeous fall.


None of note.


Poxbox said...

You should show us the video for the sumi-otoshi. All otoshi are awesome. So much fun.