Weekend update - AggieCon trip report


Up and out of the house by 6:45am
I45 to Beltway to 290 to Brenham and then random turns for Bluebonnet pictures
Drove through Independence and a number of other small towns, but did not get a great collection of pics
Into Wellborn for lunch at Hullaballoo
Into College Station to check into the hotel
On to the Hilton for AggieCon
Quick pass through the Art Show: nothing of much interest.
Had dinner at C&J's with the Monkey House crew
Wandered through the MSC to check out the renovations.  Never managed to find the way to get to the guest rooms


Breakfast at Kettle
Sat, read, and people-watched most of the day
Did get to a panel or two
Dinner at a Mexican restaurant near 6 and Boonville Rd (La Botana)
Took some pictures of Rudder Fountain


Up to check out and get on the road by 7:30
Stopped at Rolf's for kolaches (very disappointing)
Home by 10