Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 1/18/13

Aikido players:  Tim, Trey, Marvin, Gail, Mario, and Zachary


None for me.

The Walk:

Three times.  One extra today.


Watched Mario and Gail work together


Trey and I worked on the Tanto Dori from Koryu Dai San.

Ushiro Ate

Uke stabs downward (blade down). Tore steps to left, deflecting the incoming strike with the back of the right hand.  Tore then places his left hand on Uke's right shoulder and steps through
 turning uke, pushing away.

Gyakugamae  Ate

Uke stabs (blade down) at tore's left temple. Tore steps forward with palm facing Uke's eye's, while pivoting away from the attack

Tentai Oshi Taoshi

 Uke slices (blade down) at tore's gut, then stabs at tore's right side (This is a reverse attack.  Uke is attacking with the right hand, but has reached across to the left side of his body before starting the attack). Tore steps forward, blocking swing, then step back and around and to the ground into arm bar.

Ushiro Ate

Uke stabs upward. Tore steps to left, turning uke, pushing away.

Ude Gatame

Uke stabs at tore's left kidney. Tore enters with right arm above uke's, left arm below, stepping around, dropping uke to the mat, and then executing an arm-bar. (On the entry, Tore's right hand must be above Uke's elbow [closer to the wrist].  His left arm must be between the elbow and the shoulder to get a nice leverage point for the upcoming pivot)

Kote Gaeshi

Uke slices across tore's body, then stabs at tore's right side. Tore avoids the slash by stepping back with his right foot, interrupts the return swing, by stepping in with his right foot, steps around into kote gaeshi.

Tentai Kote Hineri

"Aggie Knife Attack"  Uke has the knife hidden in his gi.  Uke extends his left hand into Tore's face, creating space, while drawing the knife.  Tore' takes the extended had and goes into Tenkai Kote Hineri

Shomen Giri Gedan  Ate

This is a failed Shomen-ate.  Tore takes the attacking knife hand and drops it to Uke's thigh.  Tore then applies pressure to Uke's knee, causing a fall.  Tore then takes Uke's right foot and twists with his center to cause Uke to roll over.  Tore then pins Uke's legs together.  Uke then attempts to rise up with his right hand.  Tore reaches inside Uke's arm, extends it, and creates and arm-bar.


None of note.