Weekend update - SMOFCon 2012

K and I flew out to Philly to go to SMOFCon this past weekend


Up at 5 a.m. to catch the flight to Chicago and then on to Philly.  Caught the train to downtown and then walked to the waterfront and in to the Hyatt.  "Planning across Divisions" and "Discussing difficult issues calmly" were the two panels I sat in for the afternoon.  K and I then wandered into the city and ate at Eulogy, a Belgian beer restaurant.  A large group from the con was there that we had managed to miss joining up because of elevator issues at the hotel.

We got back to the hotel and watched a little football.  We were asleep before the first quarter ended.


Up and off to breakfast at Mrs K's Koffee Shop.  Good food good prices.

"Understanding Skill Sets and Jobs", "Evaluating Yourself: What Jobs Are You Best For?", "Maintaining SF Con Culture" were the panels I sat in on for the morning/afternoon.  I then met with a number of Art Show folks for a couple of hours.

Then on to the Fannish Inquisition.  It went fairly well with the exception of one poorly phrased question which pointedly called out one person and castigated him in public.  It was very poor form.

Dinner was with the Exhibits division. 

I chilled out after that until time for the "Statistics and Probabilities" panel (i.e., Poker tournament).  22 people entered, I ended up ni 6th place, 2 places out of the money.  I think I was active in around 10 hands.  One had me with a pair of 8's and the flop was K-8-K, so I flopped a full house.  I managed to pull in a few of chips on that one.

My last hand, as big blind, with not enough chips to make big blind, was 9-5 off.  I lost that hand quickly.


Up early for breakfast with my sister and niece.  Panels for the morning were "How to Talk to Tech", "When the Chair Is the Problem".  We then caught a cab to the airport with another fan.  Back through Chicago and back home, arriving home around 11 p.m.