Lunching out - Gina's Italian Kitchen

Friday lunch, was just a short trip across Hwy 3 to Gina's Italian Kitchen.  It was the third day it was open, and some of the staff let me know that.

The waiter took my order and brought out some foccaccia with olive oil.  Nice stuff (even if I think mine's better).

I order the spicy chicken alfredo, which was grilled chicken of penne pasta with a jalapeno tomato cream sauce.  It was a bit spicier than I was prepared for, but not spicier than I could normally handle.  For some reason, my taste buds were set for mild that day.  It was a nice dish.

I ordered a slice of Italian Cream Cake for dessert, but I don't believe that was what was brought out.  This cake had a fruit filling between layers, in addition to the icing.  I was not a big fan of the icing.  Far too solid, maybe it was fondant?

Overall, this was a nice restaurant, and I'm certain I will be back.

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