Artfire - Featured Shop - Wood A Plenty

This week's featured shop is Wood A Plenty. It's an unusual shop in that it is a woodworking shop run by a lady. Patricia's first exposure to woodworking was when she was only 10 years old when she convinced my neighbor to help her make a holder for my Dad's favorite ashtray. Throughout the years she has been involved in one craft or another. She did not by her my first scroll saw until she moved into her own home. With limited space and even more limited time, her only woodworking activiy was to make gifts for friends, relatives, and, eventually, grandchildren. Some of her favorite projects are a cradle and rocking horse for my first grandson, a large intarsia eagle wallhanging, lamps and "secret" boxes. After recently moving into a larger home, her\ friends/relatives finally convinced her to start making items for art/craft shows.

Take a look at some of her amazing work below