Weekend update - ArmadilloCon Trip report


Up bright and early to be on the road by 6:30.  No pit stops along the way (after stopping by Shipley's down the street for breakfast).  Made it to the hotel by around 9:30 or so, unloaded the truck (5 or 6 trips) and then chilled watching SportsCenter until about 11:05.

Headed off to Aikido of Austin for their 11:45 class.  I got there a little later than I liked, but managed to get on the mat before class started.

Headed back to the hotel, went for a swim, and then waited for dinner at Fonda San Miguel with the staff and guests of the convention.  I think this will be the last time I go to FSM with the group.  The meal takes forever, the enchiladas are at least $18, and the parking is atrocious.  The camaraderie is great, but I don't think it outweighs the rest.  I'll be hitting a dive close to the hotel instead.

After dinner, we set up the Art Show.  It went up in about an hour, so we were done by 11.


Up early for breakfast at Kerbey Lane on Lamar, then back to the hotel and into the Art Show room to set up computer, printer, etc. and hang art.  Opened up the room a little later than I liked, but had good traffic.

Shut the room down for dinner at a local Tex-Mex joint and then back to the Art Show to be open during the meet the pros.


Up early for breakfast in the hotel, back to the Art Show and the grind.  Closed the art show at 6, had the auction at 7 (all 5 pieces), and opened the art show back up for a while to handle transactions for people not sticking around much on Sunday.

Laura and I went to Wholly Cow for burgers.  They were quite good, and the combination burger shop/convenience store provided and interesting vibe during the meal.


Breakfast at Magnolia Cafe and then back to the Art Show for close out and disassembly.

Dinner was the traditional meal at County Line BBQ.  Not worth the money for the food, but for chatting with folks from the convention.  I think I'll continue to go to this.


Up later than I should have been.  Loaded the truck and left the hotel.  I attempted to ship out all of the mailin art before leaving town, but the rain and the hours of the shipping places (and the fact the Office Depot no longer does UPS) caused me to rethink that idea.

As a change of plans, I decided to ship the stuff out when I got home. 

The drive home was 3+ hours of non-stop rain.  Occasionally, I had to slow down to 45 mph on the interstate due to the heavy rain.  Once, even with the heavy load my truck had, I did a little hydroplaning (as did the car in front of me).  So, the drive was not the calm, quick trip it normally is.

My wife was worried about me as I'd texted her from Buc-ee's in Bastrop around 9 and I was not home by noon.  I was almost home at that time, I was dropping off packages at the Post Office and the UPS store for shipping.

Then home.  Unloading the truck before the skies opened up (I'd outpaced the rain at the very end of the trip), and then a nap.

I'll be doing something very similar in November.