Weekend update - SoonerCon - Windsong Seminar


Up before 4 to catch a 5:50 a.m. flight to OKC
20 people on the flight
1 piece of checked baggage: mine  Hand delivered to me in the baggage area
Checked in to the hotel early
Went to Windsong for their noon class
Dinner at McNellie's Public House
Helped a little setting up the SoonerCon art show
Set out my art


Breakfast at Madison's on S. E. 29th
3 hours of martial arts (judo, aikido) at Windsong Seminar
Lunch with K. Antell at the hotel restaurant
Back to SoonerCon
Dinner was a cookie sandwich from a food truck


Breakfast at the Waffle House
2 hours of martial arts at Windsong
Back to SoonerCon to get David Weber's autograph
Went to a beginning sewing panel and made a drawstring bag
Helped out with the Art Auction until 10:15
Dinner at hotel restaurant


Breakfast at Madison's - a very strange one - a separate post
Helped close out the Art Show
Flight home