Books read 7/1/2015 - 12/31/2015

29 books over the past 6 months.  I caught up on most of the recent Nebula Award winners and some other series that I found at Half-Price.  Also got in a Steve Jobs biography.

Tried the Ann Leckie series, won't be purchasing Ancillary Mercy as the previous two just didn't connect with me.  The Hemry Paul Sinclair stuff is fun, but could be subtitled "Lawyers in Space rush back to station for Courts Martial."  The Thurman book might inspire me to check out his other books as it was a first novel, I had no expectations going into the book and ended up enjoying it.

Of the Nebula winners, I think the Swanwick, Bear, Clarke, Panshin, and Murphy were the most enjoyable.

Asimov, Isaac - The Gods Themselves

Bear, Greg - Moving Mars

Bishop, Michael - No Enemy But Time

Clarke, Arthur C. - The Fountains of Paradise

Delany, Samuel R - The Einstein Intersection

Delany, Samuel R - Stars in my Pockets Like Grains of Sand (DNF)

De Lint, Charles - Jack in the Green

Fleuter, Ben - Derelict Book 1 Graphic Novel

Finn, Ed and Cramer, Kathryn - Hieroglyph

Hemry, John G - Against All Enemies
Hemry, John G - Rule of Evidence
Hemry, John G - A Just Determination
Hemry, John G - Burden of Proof

Isaacson, Walter - Steve Jobs

Le Guin, Ursula K. - The Dispossessed
Le Guin, Ursula K. - The Left Hand of Darkness

Leckie, Ann - Ancillary Justice
Leckie, Ann - Ancillary Sword

Lee, Sharon and Miller, Steve - Dragon in Exile

McCaffrey, Anne - Sky Dragons

Murphy, Pat - The Falling Woman

Panshin, Alexei - Rite of Passage

Sawyer, Robert J. - The Terminal Experiment

Scalzi, John - The End of All Things

Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann - The Healer's War

Silverberg, Robert - A Time of Changes

Swanwick, Michael - Stations of the Tide

Thurman, Rob - Nightlife

Vandermeer, Jeff - Annihilation