Aikido Thursday Night - 12/26/13

Aikido players:  Dan


Nope, not tonight

The Walk:

Not on Thursdays


Not on Thursdays


Worked with Dan on the entry for Waki-gatame, right and left side.

Noted a few things while working with him:

If tori drops the arm he intercepts to armbar height too soon, uke can get out of it.

If tori does not keep the arm he intercepts parallel (roughly) to the ground, the armbar will be tougher to achieve, as tori will have to match the angle of his shoulder to the angle of the arm.

If tori finds he has not ended up perpendicular to uke, he needs to relax any armbar placed on uke before moving to be perpendicular.  This is mainly for dojo use in order to save uke's arm.  On the street it might work out ok.


None of note.