Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 11/16/13

Aikido players:  Tim, Trey, Dan, Marvin, Gail, Mario, Damon, and John (Roderick was there but had to go to work before he could get on the mat)


Got half of my warm-up set in.  Worked with Gail as she tried to move from the thick mat to the thinner one.  A number of mental stumbling blocks in the process.

The Walk:

Twice, per the usual routine


Worked with Gail.


Trey and I spent "Black Belt Hour" working on the first 14 of Yon Kata.  Trey has had some more insights into these techniques as he's been uke-ing them for long enough now.  The most important thing of all of these is the first off-balance.

Worked with Gail on Aigamae-ate


Felt horrible.  Caught an allergy or something Friday night.  Went home and slept for 33 of the next 36 hours.